Spider First Aid Kit

Our spider first aid is unique in that it is contained within its own "ICU" unit.
The biggest problem for spiders is they become dehydrated. Our ICU unit has a small mound in the center which allows a moistened paper towel to be draped thus allowing the spider to drink easily.
Make sure the towel is completely saturated so that the spider can drink from it, but ensure that and there is no standing water that could drown the spider. Your spider needs to have a water source around its mouth, which is not used for breathing, but still be able to breathe through the book lungs that are on the bottom of its abdomen.
Gently place the spider inside and secure the lid.
Place the container in a warm area. If possible, somewhere a bit above room temperature (upper 70s to mid-80s) is helpful. A mildly dehydrated spider will often recover within 24 hours, but a couple of days might be necessary.
Having a second clean container ready to move the tarantula into if the towel becomes dry or dirty is a good idea. Check on the spider a couple of times a day and move to clean container as needed. These are available separately if required.
Our Spider first aid kit includes:
ICU tank x 1
Paper Towels x 10
Super Glue (for the repair of damaged legs) x 1
Small Heat Pad x 1
Tweezers x 1
Please Note: Although our kits carry the vital products and equipment in case of an emergency they are not a substitute for proper medical assistance. Should your animal have been involved in an accident or have a long suffering problem please seek Veterinary assistance as soon as possible.

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