Hedgehog First Aid and Health Kit

Our Hedgehog first aid kit has been assembled with the help of a leading UK breeder who has extensive knowledge over many years.
We understand that your hog has special needs and all our hog products are specifically formulated and engineered to achieve maximum results. One of the most life threatening problems is your hog going into hibernation. Our kit even includes a self contained "ICU" unit complete with heating to bring it round. It also doubles as a carry cage whilst transporting to the vets.
The kit is very comprehensive with not only medical supplies but also bathing treatments for skin problems and nail clippers. All items can be replaced individually.
Supplied with medical soft bag.
Our Hedgehog first aid kit includes:
icu-cageICU Unit x 1
5ml Syringe x 2
2ml Syringe x 2
Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes x 2
Micropore Tape x 1
Cotton Soft Towel x 1
Cohesive Bandage x 1
Conforming Bandage x 1
Cotton Balls (pack of 5) x 1
Cotton Buds x 5
Digi Test Strip Thermometer x 1
Gauze Pads 5 x 5 cm x 2
Gloves Medical (non-latex) x 2
Hand Cleaner x 2
Heating Pad Large x 2
Animal Nail Clippers x 1
Oral Feeding Syringe 1ml x 2
Scissors x 1
Sterile Saline Flush Solution x 2
Styptic Powder x 1
Tweezers x 1
Wound dressing 5 x 5 cm x 2
Antiseptic Salve x 1
Dry Skin Bath Treatment x 1
Herbal Multivitamin x 1
Re-hydration Sachet x 1

Please Note: Although our kits carry the vital products and equipment in case of an emergency they are not a substitute for proper medical assistance. Should your animal have been involved in an accident or have a long suffering problem please seek Veterinary assistance as soon as possible.

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