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our mission

Accidents and injuries happen when you least expect it. We provide a full range of first aid kits specific to individual animal needs. Including:

• Specialised bandages for paws.
• Small animal hospitalisation kits with heat pads.
• Reptile wound sprays.
• ICU resuscitation tank for spiders.

Natural health and wellness
Our health care kits are designed to give pets relief from common conditions like joint problems, and skin disorders.

• Our homeopathic treatments are 100% organic, containing herbal medication.
• Formulas work naturally with the body, for symptom relief without toxic ingredients.
• We also have a range of supplements to promote health and wellbeing.


As an animal lover you’ll know, there’s nothing more heart rendering than looking into the eyes of a suffering creature. That’s why it’s good to be equipped in case the worst happens. We are committed to giving every animal the best possible chance with specially designed pet first aid kits.

Unfortunately many first aid kits on today’s market are designed for humans and repackaged for pets. Over a decade of research has gone into the Medi+ range, developed in conjunction with specialists. Our kits allow you to tend to the individual needs of your pet. This means you can provide the best care, in those valuable minutes or hours before you get veterinary attention.

Medi+ health kits enable you to treat common conditions and ailments, as well as minor injuries and infections at home. This includes antiseptics, salves, gels, eye and ear treatments, and digestion remedies. We offer vitamins and supplements for healthy coats, teeth, digestion and joints. We also supply hypoallergenic shampoos, herbal flea and tick repellents for regular use.

We believe in the use of homeopathy for pet health - animal medicine the way nature intended. Across many species, scientists have observed that wild animals forage for leaves, roots, and seeds to treat their illnesses. Even domestic cats and dogs have been known to ingest various leaves to induce vomiting. This is known as the study of Zoopharmacognosy.

All our products are made from natural herbs and plant materials. Giving you a safe, gentle and effective alternative to drugs. Formulas contain no artificial preservatives, colourings, additives, sugar or added salt. We source our ingredients from suppliers recognised for their organic values by the Soil Association or Tilth.

Support homeopathic vets. The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons promotes the use of homeopathy as an effective form of medicine. The website contains details of cases where natural treatments appear to have successfully beaten cancer, without the need for chemotherapy or extreme surgery.